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Top Collagen Supplements

Top 5 Collagen Peptide Supplements

Normal protein powders are only used when you cannot stuff yourself with more food-based protein. Other than that, most protein powders don’t do anything for your body. In most cases, they lead to lactose intolerance and an acne breakout. Compared to protein powders collagen supplements are a far better choice if you really want to treat your body like a temple.

Collagen peptide supplements put vigor inside your bones and joints, making you feel a decade younger, supple, limber, and with a skin palpitating with youth. With its high protein content, you don’t need normal protein powders anymore to look like a fitness model.

You are probably wondering what makes collagen peptide supplements stand out from the other protein-based supplements? Let me explain.

Your body produces a lot of collagen, making it the most abundant protein in your entire body. It gives structure, strength, and elasticity to your skin, bones, nails and hair.

Weight lifting at the gym can take a toll on your joints and bones, making you prone to complications like arthritis and osteoporosis. Taking collagen after your workout not only helps in replenishing your muscles with much-needed protein, but it can also make your bones stronger – bone health is often horrendously overlooked by protein supplements.

But can you get all your collagen requirements from diet alone? No, it would require a ton of time (valuable time that no one has these days) and effort to prepare meal plans around fulfilling your protein and collagen needs. Much like protein powders and other supplements, collagen, too, can be found in powder and tablet form for easy and measurable partaking.

That’s why collagen peptide supplements are a godsend.

If you started using collagen supplements today, you will notice the following benefits:

  • Lose weight – it can make you feel satiated for longer
  • Skin rejuvenation – collagen supports the growth of new and healthier skin cells
  • Luscious hair and fine nails – Collagen supplements also contain keratin (protein for your hair and nails)
  • Fulfills your protein requirements – goes well with your post-workout protein smoothie
  • Improves your digestive system
  • Stronger bones, joints, and helps in the production of white blood cells.

Don’t believe me? Check out this study on collagen benefits for skin. Also check this article that highlights a whole range of clinically-proven benefits that you can experience with collagen supplement use.

Convinced yet? I can cite you hundreds of studies on how protein powders are damaging your health and how collagen has all these wonderful benefits, but in the end, you have to make the right decision on your own for your health and your money (protein powders cost a fortune. I know; been there, done that).

But if you are ready to ride to your nearest pharmacy right now and get yourself some collagen ASAP, I would tell you to hold your horses just yet. I haven’t told you everything, especially the part about what types of collagen supplements are out there and how to choose one.

Collagen Supplement Checklist

Here are some of the things you have to know before buying your collagen supplements:

  • Amino Acids: Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Look for the amino acid content in your collagen supplements. The higher, the better.
  • Peptides: Long form amino acids are broken down through chemical process (hydrolyxation) to produce smaller chains. Peptides stimulate production of collagen in your body; are easily absorbed; and have anti-oxidative effect.
  • Bovine Collagen: collagen from cow or ox is purer and better suited for human use. Marine collagen has varied sources and can cause digestive issues.
  • Collagen Types: There are twenty-nine types of collagen. We recommend supplements with 3 types because supplements with too many types lose potency. Type I – III are collagens found in bone, nails, skin, and hair and can fulfill your needs just fine.

Best Collagen Supplements

So if you have read this far, I won’t keep you waiting any longer and let’s dive into the best collagen peptide supplements that you can buy right now and turn your health around.

1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement

Order your vital protein collagen supplement here

Sourced from grass-fed and grass-raised bovine, the Vital Proteins is a brand that has Jennifer Aniston’s endorsement. Yes, an A-list Hollywood actress swears by this brand for its skin rejuvenating properties. The powder is unflavored so you can take it with any drink or smoothie you like, or simply put it into your coffee for a great morning protein drink. A single scoop contains 18g of protein; if you space your drinks out through the day, you will definitely be hitting all your protein requirements.

2. Anthony’s Collagen Peptide Powder

Check out Anthony’s Collagen Peptide Powder here

If you want a complete organically-sourced collagen peptide powder then you should not look further than Anthony’s hydrolyzed version of collagen peptides. Sourced from Brazilian cattle that is purely raised on grass – collagen as pure as this cannot be found anywhere else. Anthony’s brand is far removed from the practices of genetic engineering as every organic food brand should be. You can rest assured while scooping the powder into your drink that the powder is free from additives, flavors, and sweeteners of any sort, making it compatible with any Paleo diet out there.

3. Youtheory Collagen with Vitamin C

Check it out here

Looking for collagen supplements specifically for your hair, skin, and nails, then youtheory’s collagen with vitamin C is the ideal collagen supplement for you. Containing the type I, II, and III collagen, it will nourish your joints, ligaments, and tendons. This supplement is in tablet form and not powder like the ones mentioned before, which makes it even easier to pop a few in the morning and a couple in the evening.

4. Advanced Collagen by ForestLeaf

Check the collagen supplement by ForestLeaf here

This is another collagen supplement in tablet/capsule form, which makes it extremely easy to incorporate into your current diet. The capsules have been prepared organically through non-GMO practices and contain zero lactose and gluten. The collagen capsules by ForestLeaf are prepared in such a way so as to promote assimilation of collagen into the blood stream. The supplement also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in addition to collagen type I, II, and III. The Advanced Collagen keeps your skin hydrated and elastic.

5. Collagen Peptides by Live Conscious

Check it out here

Collagen Peptides powder is sourced from purely grass-fed organic cows and bulls. The peptides make it easy for the digestive system to assimilate collagen into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the collagen acts fast to reinvigorate your skin with the production of new cells. For the gym goers, this supplement provides 10g protein per serving. Take it with your morning cup of joe or mix it in with your smoothie shake for a refreshing post workout recovery shake.

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